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What kind of business job options could I have if I know how to work with computers?

Asked Frederick, Maryland

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Shane’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

Working with computers is a fantastic career option. As computers become more directly involved with all day to day activities, basic knowledge can help translate into more than just fixing computers as a career. I started out fixing computers in a local neighborhood shop and now my job is to help lead a team of Technical Support Engineers helping our customers work with complex software in APM performance analytics. Even if your goal is to move from working with computers to something else, the basics and grounding you get starting with computers helps set your career to move in whatever direction you choose to go. I encourage you to check out self study computer resources such as those on https://code.org/ to serve as a fantastic springboard to start your career in computers.

Gayla’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Most large businesses have a need for people who are good at working with computers (mortgage companies, insurance companies- really any company that works with a lot of data). There is a wide range of jobs where computer skills are valuable, everything from data entry clerks to computer programmers. The people who are particularly good on the computer tend to be very successful in a business environment. Look into possibly getting a business degree with a major in information science, this combines a solid well rounded business education with courses in programming and data analysis. There are a lot of jobs for people with these skills! If you are just getting started, take some programming classes to see how you like it, and definitely learn the basics such as Excel even if you don’t end up pursuing more intense programming languages, as these will benefit you in pretty much ANY business job. Even if you start out doing something like data entry, the way to advance is to continually look for ways to improve your skills and learn what other departments are doing and volunteer to get more involved. Stay focused, your hard work will pay off.

Gayla recommends the following next steps:

  • Enroll in college if this is an option for you, take programming classes, find a job that includes working with computers as a way to get a start.

Tracy’s Answer

Updated North Brunswick Township, New Jersey

Hello Axel,

The application of computer knowledge can be used in a variety of work places i.e Information Technology department at a University as a web developer, project manager, educational administrator, systems administrator; at a Healthcare facility as a health information technician; at a Business firm as a systems administrator, software engineer, web developer, or technology manager.

The use of computer knowledge can specific to the field of computer science or be used for knowledge throughout many fields of study. Many jobs ask if you have knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint) and other software applications like WordPress.

Good Luck !


Varsha’s Answer

Updated Rochester Hills, Michigan

It depends on what level of computer knowledge you have. If it is just basic knowledge it could all of the below like data entry,managing customer/employee data ,using computers for simple documentation ,sending e-mails,research and development ,  word processing, graphics and multimedia, and spreadsheets.</span>

Rana Kr’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

You can pursue some managment cources like Tally software for business jobs