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Jasmin P. Mar 18, 2015 765 views
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Poomitha S. Apr 30, 2016 713 views

How do I improve my knowledge in Math?

My name is Poomitha, and I am studying in 10th standard. My question is how to improve my skill in math. #teaching #teacher #professor #education...


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Sabrina C. May 18, 2016 360 views

What different types of work can a registered RN get that are not in a hospital or doctor's office

I'm going into nursing but my Mom is worried that in 10-15 years I won't be able to stand the required shifts due to my scoliosis. #nursing #medicine...


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Mya O. May 23, 2016 505 views

For being a teacher, what experiences or classes would you highly recommend before you get a job?

I have wanted to be an elementary teacher my whole life (almost), so when it comes to getting a job I want to make sure I have really good experiences to make me an even better teacher. Are there experiences or classes that you wished you would have taken that would have helped you understand...

#teaching #teacher #teacher-training

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Lavanya A. Jun 28, 2016 883 views

How do I find my career passion?

for my career...


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Theodore D. Aug 22, 2016 390 views

How do you find the best solutions for balancing work life and school?

Im Theo and I am currently studying Social work at Eastern Michigan University. Sometimes its very hard to balance the two and still have a little fun....


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Michael G. Sep 28, 2016 563 views

How do you find a better way of studying ?

I think there is more than one way of learning, so in order to help produce better grades. Better study habits are necessary, I want better grades. #higher-education #japan #principal #elementary-education #middle-school...


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Alexa O. Oct 22, 2016 464 views

Do you think in today's society it is hard for teachers to aid students in forming their individuality, due to the strict curriculum and standards that are placed on them?

I am asking this because I want to be a teacher, and i have asked teachers this very question. I have noticed this, not just in my school, but in many across the country, that teachers aren't given free range to teach what their education has provided them with. Instead, teachers are given...

#student-development #education #teacher #principal #teaching #facilitators #japan #teacher-training

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Lindsey J. Feb 08, 2017 375 views

How long does a teacher spend planning lessons?

How long does a teacher spend planning lessons?...


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Desiree E. Sep 01, 2017 332 views

Do you have to teach a subject a specific way or are you allowed to change it?

I've heard that administrations and school boards choose the way you teach a specific topic and I was wondering if there was any room to be more creative with the kids. For example, there are different ways to teach math, but I heard that sometimes you are required to teach it a certain way....

#teaching #middle-school #education

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Raven G. Sep 01, 2017 391 views

Is it better to take the SAT more than once?

I want to make sure that my college applications look good....


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Marlene M. Oct 25, 2017 492 views

How to be a great teacher in the future?.

I em asking because I want to be someone in life and make a difference in my family #higher-education #teaching...