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Alexandra C. May 12, 2017 638 views

Tutorials for using Unity paired with Autodesk Maya?

I am currently a psych major, but I'm very interested in computers in my free time. I'm a gamer and I've always really wanted to experiment with creation in Unity. My understanding is that AutoDesk Maya offers a 3-year free trial for students, and that it can be used to create .obj files or...

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kiran K. May 23, 2016 710 views
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leo M. May 19, 2016 384 views

how many hour without my family am i gonna be working?

because i want to know if i'm gonna have time to be with my family or if i'm gonna be all the day working....


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Hajira N. May 05, 2016 597 views

how to become a mentor?

Because its my favorite and my dream #work #policy...