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were is the best college for being a nurse

i want to be a nurse #nurse

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Ken’s Answer

Different colleges and schools have different personalities, much like people. It is important to go to one that matches your personality.
The first thing to do is go to your school counselor to take an interest and aptitude test to see if your interest and aptitudes are in line with nursing. You want to be sure that you are going into a career that is best suited for your, so you will do your best and enjoy it the most. Talk to your school counselor about talking with graduates of your school who went into nursing to get first hand information.
Many nurses get their start at a community college, because they can get a good education without accumulating large student loans. Go to the alumni relations person at you local community college to talk with graduates of that school, who have gone into nursing.
Volunteering at a local hospital or clinic would be a good way to see what nurses do and get to know nurses, so you can learn from them what they did to become nurses.
Good Luck!!
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