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How can we gain our concentration back?

Asked Derry, New Hampshire

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Joe’s Answer

Updated Nashville, Tennessee

Ivana...I was raised in Dover and Madbury New Hampshire...small world.

I believe that the first thing you need to identify or deal with is why do you think you lose your concentration and under what circumstances do you lose it. If you are trying to read a book while the television is blaring, the dog is barking, and people are talking maintaining your concentration can be very difficult. You also may not be able to concentrate on something because you have other more pressing matters. For example...doing an easy task over a more difficult and urgent one could result in you losing concentration because you might feel overwhelmed.

Joe recommends the following next steps:

  • Some important aspects of being able to concentrate is your diet. Don't start something if you are hungry or thirsty...this way instead of concentrating on your hunger you can concentrate on the task.
  • Create or find an environment that supports you being able to concentrate. Remove things like noise (TV), make the space comfortable (warm or cool), and sunlight always helps to relax.
  • Meditate...meditation will definitely improve your ability to concentration. When you meditate, the first thing you master is...concentration. Daily meditation gives you the chance to work on concentration techniques.
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