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Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 27, 2016 797 views

Is it possible to get into a pharmacy school after a rough start in college ?

I've struggled with depression and kinda dented my gpa. I was wondering if it was possible to get into a pharmacy school if I retook classes and did well in them and also scored well on the Pcat #pharmacy

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Aug 24, 2018 497 views

How can we gain our concentration back?

#pharmacy #pharmd

Anonymous’s Avatar
Anonymous Nov 13, 2020 249 views

What can you build off a Pharmacy Technician certification?


John’s Avatar
John Oct 24, 2016 1015 views

Is Biochemistry or chemistry a better choice for pre-pharmacy?

I'm thinking of going into pre-pharmacy, and am wondering about best degree choice. #management #leadership

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 20, 2016 2401 views

What is the hardest thing about pharmacy school?

I really want to be a pharmacist but i fear the obstacles. #college #pharmacy #pharmacist #hardest

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Oct 24, 2016 694 views

With a PharmD degree can I use that to go into pharmeuctical law?

Not sure what I want to do once I become a pharmacist but I don't want to do retail. #law #lawyer #pharmacy #pharmaceuticals

Joanne’s Avatar
Joanne May 17, 2016 2025 views

What kind of activities/experience will be most crucial on an application for pharmacy school?

I want to make sure to participate in any internship/research/club activities that will be helpful for pharmacy school. #pharmacy #pharmaceuticals

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Mar 27, 2018 598 views

What are some key study tips or advice you would forward to first year pharmacy students?

The first year of pharmacy school can be a very exciting, yet scary experience. There is limited time to adjust and it can be difficult to immediately find mentors that are overflowing with tips and help. Overall, what is some general for advice for first year pharmacy students? #pharmacy...

Dezire’s Avatar
Dezire Nov 08, 2020 460 views

What is a pharmacy techician?

#doctor #doctor #career

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Dec 05, 2019 424 views

What steps would you recommend to prepare to become a pharmacy tech?

#pharmacy #pharmacist

Deajenae’s Avatar
Deajenae Jan 31, 2020 330 views

what is the most challenging part of being a pharmacy technician?

#pharmacy #pharmacist

Terriance’s Avatar
Terriance Mar 02, 2020 441 views

How would roman numerals relate to my career field (pharmacy)?

#pharmacytech #pharmacy #healthcare

Israt’s Avatar
Israt Oct 30, 2016 698 views

Are the golden days of pharmacy really over?

I've been interested in becoming a pharmacist for some time now, mostly based on my interest on Chemistry and help/communicating with others. However, there is a stigma forming about this career-- about how its "golden days" are over and it's not worth the effort, How accurate is this?...

berenice’s Avatar
berenice Aug 09, 2019 327 views

what classes can I take for pharmacy managers

high school #pharmacist #pharmacy

Abigail ’s Avatar
Abigail May 22, 2016 918 views

Will being a certified pharmacy technician help me know if i would do well in pharmacy school?

I am currently in school to be a pharmacy tech and I'm trying to decide if I want to go to pharmacy school #pharmacy #pharmacists