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What are some things tat you can do to help you prepare for college?

How do I/can I prepare for college

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2 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

One of the biggest adjustments for new students is time management. You suddenly have a lot more freedom when you go to college, so it is important to stay focused. You can start practicing this by planning chores on the weekends and making sure you stick to it. It is an easy way to stay disciplined.

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Brandon’s Answer

One thing I did when I went to school was I set up a schedule for myself that I stuck to every day. College is all about time management. It can get overwhelming at times if you cannot manage your time, Prepare yourself to tell people "no I have to study" It is ok to do that. Be realistic with your time. Plan when you are going to sleep, when you are waking up.  You have to hold yourself accountable. I would highly recommend for your fist semester getting a tutor to help hold yourself accountable.