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What is the best way to become friends with my college roomate?

I`m heading of to college soon and I don`t know what she`ll be like. It makes me a bit nervous that she`s a stranger to me, because what if its hard to become friends with her or we end up not liking each other. #roommates (new) #college #dorm-life

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Jasmine,

In order to put your best foot forward and increase your happiness in the first months of college, read on to find our top three most essential tips for getting along with your roommate:


Daniela recommends the following next steps:

Facilitate Open Communication One of the key factors required to build a successful relationship within the small spaces of dorm rooms is open roommate communication. Do not shy away from taking to your roommate and having important conversations simply because you are afraid to hurt their feelings or create an awkward atmosphere. Whenever your roommate does something inappropriate or breaks a rule, let them know immediately. If you let problems pile up and ruminate without properly addressing them with a little chitchat, then the relationship will begin to sour. Make certain that you always remain open to communication and address any conflicts to defuse them quickly as a team.
Establish Clear Rules and Boundaries Once you get your room settled, it is recommended that you sit down with your roommate to create a clear set of rules and boundaries. Do not be afraid to simply ask what his or her needs are and share your requirements in a living arrangement too. Although you definitely want to avoid coming off as bossy, you should calmly describe your ideal living environment while politely listening to your new roommate’s needs. Since waiting to have this talk later in the semester will provide the opportunity for conflict from clashing lifestyles, it is essential to get this out of the way the first week for creating a comfortable vibe.
Make a Good First Impression Like it or not, humans are hard-wired to make immediate judgments about a person within the first few seconds of meeting them. Therefore, whatever impression you give of yourself when meeting up with your new roommate the first time is likely to stick with them for the long haul. In order to display yourself in a positive light, make sure you are as amiable, open-minded, and friendly as possible the first day, even if you are exhausted from the move in. Beyond making plenty of eye contact and using all of your manners, be sure you show a significant interest in getting to know more about your new roommate. If he or she likes you from the start, there will be a higher likelihood that your roommate will respect your needs.

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