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Will roommate be the main problem when going to college?

When I have roommates will he be noises or quiet, also if they're extremely annoying?#college #dorm #housing #roommates

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7 answers

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Paul’s Answer

The MAIN problem? No, unless your roommate has serious mental or cleanliness issues.  Normally, the worst that can happen is you get a roommate who doesn't clean-up after themselves and/or invites guests over who stay late or are disruptive. If this should happen first try to talk things over with your roommate. You guys are adults! No running and complaining to mommy or daddy anymore. If this doesn't work you should speak with the RA (Residential Adviser) assigned to your floor. They will act as a mediator to help you guys resolve any issues assuming you weren't able to do it yourselves.

Your main problem when going to college will be time management and staying focused on your course work.  You will be independent for the first time in your life and no one will be checking on you to make sure you get your stuff done. It's all on you.

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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Antonio:

It depends! As others have already shared some great suggestions I'd like to comment on my own experience. When I was in college I had great roommates my first two years with no issues. I worked a full-time job for 3 years (including summer) while in college. After my last class I would go to work until around 11:00pm. Therefore, I was always away from my room. When I was away from my room my roommate would invite her friends over and they would help themselves to my personal items without getting my permission. When I questioned it - she/they would get an attitude. This was a complete foul. I eventually moved off campus my 3rd year and thereafter and lived with a relative in the area. Of course there was a Resident Assistant (RA) for our floor and she helped to keep an eye on the situation.

Overall, I'm glad I did have the college dorm experience although I did have some bumps in the road along the way. Best of luck to you!

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Emmanuel’s Answer

Dear Antonio,
I truly share your concern about a prospective roommate. I want to believe that you're an introvert and possibly someone who loves his space a lot. If I'm correct about this, then I believe that we're halfway managing or addressing your concern, except that you have a particular health challenge or something of such that does not require you to be stressed either mentally or otherwise. Self-awareness is very important in dealing with people. you may be lucky to get someone of like behavior as a roommate (which hardly is the case, but maybe close), but to help you manage or prepare your mind ahead of the time, you may wish to do the following;
1. Find out from the school management if students who wish to stay alone can do so, and if yes and you can afford the cost, you can go ahead to do so, at least for your first year. While, in the course of your study, you will make friends and decide on who you may wish to have as a roommate. But remember, this is never a guarantee that the person you may finally choose as a roommate will totally be what you want, but because you have a bond already, it's easier for you to blend.
2. If the above approach is not obtainable, based on your personal awareness, (and also in case you have a particular health challenge or certain phobia), you can talk with the dorm officer about it, and he/she will carefully merge you with someone who you could stay with.
3. In a case where you have no control over this, you will have to learn to manage yourself and communicate with your roommate. Both of you need to engage yourselves in communication and also get to know yourselves better, that way, you both will know your needs and how not to cross your boundaries. I believe that being able to manage yourself and the people around you is a great skill to develop, because, you will always get to work and be with people all the rest of your life, so it's important to develop the skill whenever you have the opportunity. Who knows, you both may become best of friends for life. Remember, you will all have your share of the quarrels and misunderstandings, but these are what make you understand yourselves better and helps in building a strong relationship.

I hope this has been helpful to you.

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Cedric’s Answer

In college the amount of time that you or your roommate spend in the room can vary depending on where you attend and what you are like socially. The biggest thing is establishing a code of respect. Have a set of ground rules that you both agree on. College is one of the best experiences you will ever have so definitely make the best of it.

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Yvonne’s Answer

It truly depends. I was lucky that I got an amazing roommate during my first year of school, however my roommate during my second year was a total nightmare. She is an avid video game player and plays games until 4 am with a mechanical keyboard and a microphone. I think the most important thing is that usually when you move into your dorm, your residential advisor will let you turn in a roommate agreement, the agreement will set up all the rules and ask specific questions like how often should each of you take out the trash and are you a light sleeper. It would be way easier to set up the rules beforehand and tell your residential advisor if your roommate is not following the agreement. I don't know about your school but my school has a roommate finder page which people post about what kind of roommate they are looking for which helps a lot with finding people that has similar habits like you.

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Munkh-Orgil’s Answer

The main problem when you go to college will be time management because you become fully responsible for everything the first time in your life. No one will do your laundry, make dinner, or remind you to finish the course project, or checking on you.

About roommate, in my college dorm experience, I’ve had awesome roommates. Of course, there was on and off the issue, but it’s all about setting boundaries or make some rules that all of you agreed on.
My secret was to let my roommates know what things I can’t tolerate, and once they or you know about things you or your roommates can’t tolerate, there will be no more major issues.

Living in the college dorm is the best experience you will ever have!

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Sachin’s Answer

No, "As correctly said by Paul unless your roommate has serious mental or cleanliness issues", I have stayed away from home for almost 20 years,

I have stayed with many people around the world and I love the time, which we spent together,

How he/she will react to any situation, being quit or making noise, It's always depends on the other person how is grown up,

However when you go and meet him, before booking or confirming for staying with him, you can talk to him and try to understand what kind of person he is and what is like and don't like . Go and explore, if you don't like staying with that person due to his bad habit tell him, if he don't Liston change room/roommate.

from my experience, it's going to best time you will spent in your lifetime and it will be memorable.