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Jhy'Deisha’s Avatar
Jhy'Deisha Nov 28, 2022 389 views

What are some good things to have on my resume for a business major?

What skills do I need to become a business major?

Elina’s Avatar
Elina Nov 29, 2022 693 views

How can I improve my college resume during my junior year?

Currently looking to strengthen my application for college.

Karlin’s Avatar
Karlin Nov 29, 2022 431 views

What can I do to land a job that I enjoy after college?

I think something that I can do is to work on myself as much as possible when studying. I believe that the more I do something the better I get, and anything that I do productively can only help me in the future.

someone’s Avatar
someone Oct 30, 2022 842 views

will it be worth taking an event management course?

can I earn enough in the coming years if I take an event management major

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Jan 23, 2018 950 views

How is college different from high school?

I'm in a very rigorous program in my high school (the IB program), and I was wondering how the course load differs? #College #IB

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jan 16, 2018 1214 views

who decided that asking a bunch of kids fresh out of highschool to make a potentially 30,000$ decision to go to college?

most teenagers out of high school really have no idea what they are good at and what they want to do with their lives. and yet, at least in the united states, we beat it in to them that they need to go to college and get a degree without them having enough real experience to figure out what...

Juwan’s Avatar
Juwan Mar 09, 2020 4173 views

On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with your career?

#career-choice #career-path #career-counseling #career

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Mar 11, 2018 1222 views

With technology constantly changing how can we keep up with it?

Planning on woking in the tech field. #technology #educational-technology

Anaka’s Avatar
Anaka Feb 19, 2019 1142 views

Is it better to take a year off or go straight into college after graduating high school?

#higher-education #college

Nancy’s Avatar
Nancy Aug 25, 2018 804 views

How you ever have time for yourself? Like spend time with yourself

#selfrelaxe #stressfree #MeAndOnlyMe

Aisha’s Avatar
Aisha May 01, 2019 782 views

Is life a lie?

#life #life #life #life

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Jan 16, 2018 962 views

Will roommate be the main problem when going to college?

When I have roommates will he be noises or quiet, also if they're extremely annoying?#college #dorm #housing #roommates

yiu yeung’s Avatar
yiu yeung Jun 22, 2016 852 views

what kind of part time job should i take if im 16

i want cash #general

Lydia’s Avatar
Lydia Apr 08, 2020 991 views

What is the best job to get after graduation in terms of pay and the ability to leverage that work experience in the future for career advancement??

I am a junior in college right now and given that senior year is coming, I have to recruit soon. I am interested in business, innovation, and marketing. I am considering consulting, but I was wondering are there other good options aside from consulting. #career #business

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Aug 26, 2019 487 views

Does this career match my out going personality?

Yes. This job will have you being very out going with climbing 80 foot poles to riding on a helicopter to tall steel power line poles, and cutting down trees for new wire. #linelife