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With technology constantly changing how can we keep up with it?

Asked Jacksonville, Florida

Planning on woking in the tech field. #technology #educational-technology

8 answers

Roland’s Answer


There are different sites that allow you to keep up with this ever changing field such as Engadget, Gizmodo and Wired. I choose to follow blogs about Verizon and look on our homepage to see what new innovations we have coming and how they will benefit the future. Associate yourself with a technology based company and you will find yourself swamped with knowledge and things to read.

Chad’s Answer


Use it! You can stay in the know by participating and trying out new tech. The misconception is believing you have to know how everything works to use it. No! Just have fun and explore. Understand no one will know everything. This will help you keep up with tech.

Rafael A.’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Technology is rapidly changing and I do not see a slow down to this process. There are many things that can done to keep up with Technology changes:

  1. Attend a workshop that addresses that specific technology
  2. Gain Certification in the new technology (either for work or just to make yourself more marketable)
  3. Do some research on the technology - look at a blog regarding that technology, read up on the technology on-line
  4. Depending on the cost - purchase the new technology to see first hand how it works (some companies actually offer 30 day trail periods on software that might allow you to play with the software first hand)

Most importantly always read and learn new things even after you are employed so that you can make yourself more marketable.


Linda’s Answer


Customize apps such as Flipboard, Engadget and sites like Ted Talk with technological categories. Look for CNET announcements following their trade shows with big announcements. Visit stores like Apple, Best Buy or carriers that give you live devices to at with. Stay curious!

Gerald’s Answer


By being involved! Technology ever changing by people like you who use it and love it. Your involvement helps you keep up and ultimately shapes it for the future.

Kate’s Answer

Updated New Jersey, New Jersey

Devetra, great question! Technology constantly changing is one of the reasons why it is so exciting to work in the tech industry. I would recommend looking at your bachelor's degree as a base foundation. What you learn in your bachelor's program gives you the basics for your field and problem solving abilities. Once you start working the company you work for usually provides training specific to the technology in your position.

I would recommend keeping up with the latest industry and tech news to keep up to speed with new technology developments. I am in the telecommunications industry and there are certain newsletters I get daily like RCRWireless that give the latest highlights of news articles across the industry and webinars that you can join to learn more about a certain topic. By reading the news and attending the webinars or even in person conferences if you can, you are able to learn what are the latest trends.

Kate recommends the following next steps:

  • Subscribe to a newsletter in the industry you want to join or a broad news summary on tech
  • Attend 1 webinar a month on a new technology trend
  • Go to a technology conference in your area

Christopher’s Answer

Updated Columbia, South Carolina

Be a sponge and start to follow all technology blogs and feeds. Self learning is probably the easiest way to learn about different views and late breaking news!

Jonathan’s Answer


Great question, use your resources. As an individual that is surrounded by new technology all the time I have to use my resources such as YouTube to look up how this new technology works. Even by simply going into stores and being hands on with some of this new stuff coming out can very much help. As the saying goes you learn something new everyday! So find something that interest you and look it up 😉