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Kate Fay

Manager Business Operations, Verizon
New Jersey, NJ
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Thomas G. Mar 23, 2015 1317 views
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Ali G. May 08, 2016 2340 views

How did you choose what company to work for?

I am interested in a job in technology, but i'm not sure how to go about deciding what company to work for. How did you pick the company you are working at? What factors did you take into consideration?...


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Daniela C. Aug 21, 2016 659 views

What are the best schools to study business?

And what are some that offer great programs in Sports Management? business sports...


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David C. Sep 10, 2017 540 views

Hey so I'm wondering what classes you need to take to become an mechanical engineer.

Well I've been wanting to peruse in this career and I want to know what I need to studie to become a good engineer....


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uj J. Jan 14, 2018 373 views

best colleges in east cost?

best colleges in east cost?...


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Aalijah J. Jan 16, 2018 532 views

How do you choose the right career?

I wanted to become a surgeon since I was little, but as I got older, I also found an interest in both music and engineering. I want to choose the right career for myself, but I don’t know how. surgery engineering music whatdoido...


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Morgan W. Jan 17, 2018 406 views

Is it hard to get a job in the Field of engineering I want to go into?

I want to be an Aerospace engineer but I am not sure if it is really hard to get into and find a good job in this area of engineering. I know the world always needs engineers but I don't really hear much or find a lot of information on Aerospace engineering....


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Annette V. Mar 15, 2018 646 views

What can I do as a high school student to encourage more girls to pursue STEM fields in the future?

I am currently a senior in high school and I am interested in studying STEM in college. I realize that women in the STEM field are far and few between, so what can I do as an individual to help more girls explore STEM fields in school? women-in-stem math science engineering...


Manoach B.’s Avatar
Manoach B. Mar 24, 2020 264 views

How do I approach the job search better?

I recently graduated college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I haven't bee able to land a job despite a good GPA and a good range of skills in CAD design and programming. I never got the chance to work an internship as I was taking summer classes. I have sent several applications and...


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Alexia D. Mar 25, 2020 320 views

What kind of career options are out there for people with an interest in math?

I am a college freshman with an interest in math. math...