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Is it hard to get a job in the Field of engineering I want to go into?

I want to be an Aerospace engineer but I am not sure if it is really hard to get into and find a good job in this area of engineering. I know the world always needs engineers but I don't really hear much or find a lot of information on Aerospace engineering. #technology

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2 answers

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Saran’s Answer

According to me getting engineering job in the same field might not be so easy because engineering teaches us about the basics of a particular stream in order to get a job in the same field of engineering my recomendation is to take some extra training on the respective technology which would priorotize while selection.

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Kate’s Answer


There are many opportunities for aerospace engineering however you may need to be open to moving for some of the larger companies. Boeing, Gulfstream, Pratt and Whitney, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce (they make engines as well as cars!) , FAA, NASA and Tesla are some examples of the larger companies that will hiring aerospace engineers. Then there are many smaller companies too that need aerospace engineers.

One option to consider is to get a bachelors in mechanical engineering with a concentration in aerospace engineering. This will open up possibilities if you decide half way through college you do not want to go into aerospace. With a mechanical engineering degree you can still go into aerospace and get a masters in aerospace if you still want to be in that field after graduating undergrad. It is hard to decide what you want to do with out fully understanding the field.

Engineering is also a great foundation to go into other careers if your interests change over the years or you can't find a job in your field. I got a mechanical engineering bachelor's degree but now work in the telecom/ technology industry. Don't worry too much about what exact jobs will be open when you graduate since the jobs will change as well.

Kate recommends the following next steps:

Research the top companies you would be interested in working for in aerospace engineering.
Research the difference between and aerospace engineering degree and a mechanical engineering degree with a concentration in aerospace engineering.