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What percentage of students who major in Finance have a successful job?

Asked San Antonio, Texas

I'm planning to major in Finance because I feel it's the way to go but I would like to know more information about success satatistics. #college-major

2 answers

Adam’s Answer


Well here's the thing, the chances of getting a great job with a finance major is much higher than the chances of getting a great job with almost any other major. There are only a few other majors that would increase your chances of getting a great job, for example engineering and computer science.

You will be light years ahead of the vast majority students majoring in the 95% of options. What I did in undergrad was double major in Finance (with the purpose of being sure to be successful) and in Political Science (which I enjoyed but was more for personal interest than anything having to do with career opportunities). Good luck!

Sanaa’s Answer


Majoring in Finance is a great option, the success rate in someone getting a job after this major are very high as there are several different work profiles and industries you can choose from. Data Analytics, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Accounting, International Relations, Investor Relations, etc. are some profile options after majoring in Finance.

Sanaa recommends the following next steps:

  • Make sure you have an interest in numbers and Finance and don't only go based on the success criteria for getting a job
  • Take variety of courses in finance if you end up going this route, from International Finance to Accounting, to Advanced Statistics to Stock market/hedge funds.