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What options do i have if i don't recieve FASFA?

I'm confused as to what options do i have if i don't recieve FASFA help. computerscience

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2 answers

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Allison’s Answer

Hi there -

If I understand you correctly, you have filled out your FAFSA but have not received any financial aid awards.  This is odd, as they usually offer a student loan (if no grants are available). 

In any case, you should contact your school's financial aid office and ask them what other aid packages are available.  Specifically ask for scholarship and grant information that they may have collected.  I'd also check with your local library.  Find someone who works there full time (not a HS student), and ask that person for help finding scholarship information.  Many times they are just WAITING for someone to ask a question!

Finally, think about all the social groups you and your family may be connected to.  Military, rotary club, churches, etc.  Think about community organizations too.  See which ones offer help!  Many of them do.  Sometimes you have to actually call and ask... a lot of these groups don't have the most updated web sites.

Oh - also think about getting a job if you don't already have one.  There are usually college job fairs in the fall!

Good luck!!!

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Roger’s Answer

I have two daughters who recently went to college. Our family got no assistance from FAFSA. We paid full tuition for our kids to go to college. No financial assistance available at all.

I found FAFSA to be a joke.