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Is Electrical Engineering a diverse field of study?

Can I switch fields of study with this program? Can I pursue electrical engineering, but then switch to the computer engineering field post graduation?

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2 answers

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Josh’s Answer

Short answer - yes it's diverse. Longer answer - it depends!

If you're someone who plans to pursue a very deep technical degree in research in a fairly narrow topic (ex: become an expert on heat-resistant electronics for aerospace applications, or become an industry expert on silicon doping for microelectronic design) then you may find yourself somewhat locked into a specific narrow career - however you've put in so many years of learning in both academia and on the job that it's probably what you're passionate about.

If you plan to be more of an applied engineer - who uses what you learn to develop products then you're likely more versatile. You may work in the computer industry, then move to working on some peripheral device, then perhaps move into the toy market. You may come out of school with a focus in digital and then find yourself doing software.

In either case, there are also options like people or program management, or even a marketing career which could be completely different than your original course of study.

From personal experience, I've had numerous different roles as both an individual and manager and it has been a very dynamic career.

Josh recommends the following next steps:

Research different Electrical Engineering careers for someone with 1-3 years of experience and realize that those may be options for you even later in your career - your prior experience would still be valued.

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Tanvir’s Answer

Depends on your perspective. EE graduates can branch out from simple chip/circuit design to BioMedical Engineering, IoT, AI, VR product dev and programming to marketing to storage, networking to various other control devices dev/research/marketing...Telco/RF engineering, Power/Renewable and sustainable energy fields. The options are endless!