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What is the easiest way to study to become a nurse and what is the hardest part about becoming one?

What is the easiest way to study to become a nurse and what is the hardest part about becoming one? #nursing

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2 answers

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Jasmine’s Answer

Nursing is mostly memorizing and hands-on experience through clinical rotations. The way I went through nursing school was to keep a schedule and read the textbook. Some people might not like the idea of reading the textbook and those people probably found out another way to study but for me reading the textbook worked. If you plan to try to pass nursing school just through lectures then it will not work because most professors lecture about things that might or might not be on the test.

The hardest part about being a nurse is time management. I do not get a lot of time for family or free time. I sometimes have to work overtime which makes it hard to balance my sleep schedule. There are also times when the patient or the family is being uncooperative so I have to then try to gain their trust.

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Paula’s Answer

Studying for nursing has a major part in reading and memorizing the material and also includes hands on training through clinical rotations in different hospital settings. It takes time a dedication and everyone learns in a different way of course, what helped me was being able to visualize what I was being taught and see it so that I can remember the function or indication for that specific subject and training in the hospitals was really great because you get to see everything that you have been studying being used and how to do which helps you get a grasp onto what you would be doing as a nurse yourself. Knowing and understanding the function of the human body help a lot a long with categorizing medications and their use so that they are easier to understand and remember. The key thing is patients, time and dedication to be able to comprehend a lot of material. Use the learning method or tool that best suits your style of learning to help you achieve your goals.