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how can i get a good college

I want to go into a good school to be a nurse I love helping kids and adults #caring

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3 answers

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Adrienne’s Answer

I would begin researching what colleges offer nursing programs and see if the required courses speak to you. My cousin entered a four year college that did not have a nursing program but had her enter a a bio major. After a year, she transferred into Morris County Community College, because she was able to obtain her RN after completing their RN program. She then went on William Paterson University for her BSN. Of course, she also had to pass Certification Exams after her coursework. So, remain cautious about how some colleges may justify you applying to their school without a nursing program. Contact Falician College and Montclair University's nursing department. Additionally, volunteer at a hospital or become involved with a children's hospital. Akso talk to as many nurses as you can from beginners to veterans!

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Rahul’s Answer

1) Good grades in school
2) A good SAT or ACT score or any other standardized test needed for your profession
3) A good story that explains why you want to do what you want to do
4) Actions leading up to the point of your college application that further help with convincing the admissions council
5) A little bit of luck!

Good Luck!

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Jenn Wilcox’s Answer

Great question! There are a bunch of different factors that will impact your process to get into college. I'd recommend listening to a great podcast called "Getting In" that is designed to help high school students navigate the college admissions process.

Nursing programs are very competitive these days and good nurses are in critical demand. You may want to try volunteering at a local hospital or clinic so you can "get a feel" for what goes on behind the scenes. Paul V. Suppicich, Esq.