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AaliyaCodman1’s Avatar
AaliyaCodman1 Oct 03, 2012 1694 views

What would a good college be good if I wanted to major in physiology

I really want to learn about the human brain and how it functions and about how it works. I like to understand people better, so I thought this would be the perfect thing to major in #college #career-paths #college-majors

JessicaLynn’s Avatar
JessicaLynn Feb 13, 2012 3852 views

What would you do if you barely had any money to pay for your college tuition?

The college that I would like to go to has a tuition of about $27,000 per semester, The college really matters because it would help me with the career that I want to have when i get older. I have been looking for scholarships but they wont pay completely for my college unless i have perfect...

Student Voices by CV’s Avatar
Student Voices by CV Oct 15, 2015 1908 views

What can I do in my spare time to help me stand out from my peers in the college admissions process?

This questions was asked by a young lady who hopes to be attending college in the fall of 2017. How can we prepare her for the college application process? #sports #college-admissions #college-bound #volunteering #college-advice #extracurriculars #volunteer

Student Voices by CV’s Avatar
Student Voices by CV Oct 20, 2015 1716 views

What advice/tips would you give a high school student who is not a very good test taker? What kinds of things helped you take tests well? What sort of study tips worked best for you? Did you have any sort of pre-test rituals that worked?

This question was asked by a high school senior in Los Angeles, Ca who just received her ACT test scores. She's disappointed with how she performed but plans on retaking the exam. She's applying to several University of California schools this semester. #college #university #test-management...

Harper’s Avatar
Harper Oct 21, 2015 1231 views

What degree does a vet need to have and how many years of college?

I am in the 6th grade and would like to become a vet when I am older. but before I need to know how many years of college I need in order to do that. Also I was wondering what degree I need. Thank you! #college #veterinarian #degree #veterinary-medicine #pet #pet-care

TerrellCodman3’s Avatar
TerrellCodman3 Jan 10, 2012 3539 views

What Are Good Four Year Colleges To Go To For Finance

What Universities Are Good if I'm interested in finance? #finance #college-selection

Prithvi’s Avatar
Prithvi Mar 13, 2014 2403 views

Is business school a good choice to attend after college?

I plan to major in Econ or Finance and hopefully work on Wall St. one day. Is it worth paying for additional education to get my MBA or is going straight into the work force a good choice? #business #finance #education #higher-education #economics

Adelle’s Avatar
Adelle Jan 04, 2015 962 views

what colleges are good for people who want to be pediatricians

I wanna be a pediatrician when i graduate highschool #professional

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Feb 26, 2015 2538 views

How difficult is it to start a career in dentistry?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am interested in starting a career in dentistry after high school and college. I would like to know the possible road of going to college, finding a place to work, and starting a career could go. Was finishing school difficult? Long? Was finding a place to...

Ahmed’s Avatar
Ahmed Oct 19, 2015 1139 views

How many yeas of college to become a Lawyer?

because l am curious about becoming a Lawyer #graduation

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Oct 22, 2015 1909 views

How do i have to go to school to in the military

Because I want to serve for my country like my grandpa did #engineer #military #army #air-force #navy

Joshlynn’s Avatar
Joshlynn Nov 02, 2015 1295 views

how can i get a good college

I want to go into a good school to be a nurse I love helping kids and adults #caring