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What would you do if you barely had any money to pay for your college tuition?

The college that I would like to go to has a tuition of about $27,000 per semester, The college really matters because it would help me with the career that I want to have when i get older. I have been looking for scholarships but they wont pay completely for my college unless i have perfect grades, ( my average is about 85).

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3 answers

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J’s Answer


Hi Jessica,

This is a really important question. I would recommend that you check out accessboston.org.

This page (http://www.accessboston.org/apply/how-financial-aid-works) provides an overview of how financial aid works. It goes through different types of financial aid (need-based vs. merit-based) .It talks about the essential steps in applying for financial aid (filling out the FAFSA is the most important step if you want to apply for need-based aid).

This page (http://www.accessboston.org/apply/applying-for-a-scholarship) takes you through the steps in applying for need-based financial aid from the government. The forms you have to fill out. The timeline for when forms are due.

Scholarships are another way of getting funding for college. When you apply for scholarship think about the following: what are the requirements? Is there an essay? What is the deadline (start research early, definitely by junior year)? Wow many awards are offered? Is the scholarship legitimate? (A scholarship may be a scam if it: has an application fee, requires you to pay to search the site, guarantees money, and/or has no contact information other than a P.O. Box and an email address)

I would recommend these resources:

Scholarship Search

Financial Aid Advice, Including Scholarships

Scholarship Advice, Focus on College Admissions & Test Prep


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Jenn Wilcox’s Answer

This is a really important topic.

The first thing to remember is that while college tuition has a list price, that is rarely the actual price you would have to pay. It's important to apply for any financial aid, as well as any scholarships you might be qualified for. I've included a few links below that might be helpful:

US News and World Report includes a searchable list of schools' financial aid programs, and includes a list of colleges that will pay full support: http://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/paying-for-college/articles/2015/09/14/colleges-that-report-meeting-full-financial-need

Often, private colleges and universities have more resources to offer generous financial aide packages. I'd recommend not ignoring those schools, even if their list price is out of your target range.

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KarenNFTEBxAero’s Answer

Go to scholarships .com and make an account and then search for scholarships that you qualified for . You should also consider taking a loan to the bank