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What all does cosmetology do?

What other things could you do besides hair, makeup, and skin care? I think that cosmetology would be a fun career to have. Especially as a professional. #cosmetology #otherideas #questions

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Ashley’s Answer

Well there is such a wide range of things that you can do. However you do need to see what your state provides as far as education. For example; in Georgia with a master cosmetologist license you can focus on skin, hair and nails. So if really depends on where you want to focus too.

For the hair portion, you could become a color specialist or mainly focus on haircuts of men and women. You could become an updo specialist and focus on bridal work. With that you could also do makeup or focus only on makeup. Or you could work in a spa doing waxing and facials. You could also go the nail route.

One thing also to consider that I feel many students don’t is tv. You could work on production of shows doing hair or makeup (they usually have 1 for each). Or you could work in a salon that has a little bit of all of the above.

It all depends where you want your focus to be at. I recommend shadowing different people until you find what your passion is and stick to it. I promise we all sucked at first but if you stick with it of course you will get better. Good luck!