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How can I jobshaddow community work

Jobshaddow careers #community-management

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2 answers

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Amanda’s Answer

Hi Werner,

I am so happy to be able to help you during your search. There are many ways to begin job-shadowing and its a great way to observe your desired profession before committing to that specific career. I would advise you to start researching local companies involved in community work. Sometimes business corporations have divisions catered to conducting community work, so they may be worth a look. The next step would be expressing your interest to the company, typically via email to a Human Resources professional. You can be very candid with the recruiter letting them know that you admire their company, would like to consider that specific role in the future, and would like to gain knowledge about the profession early on/now. When communicating with any staff member it is important to make a great impression even if you are just job-shadowing. Whether you choose to work for that company in the future or not, the experience is invaluable and they may be able to complete a character recommendation on your behalf. Therefore speak up and ask many questions, lend a helping hand, dress the part, and always remember to say thank you!

When you have the chance, please review the following tips on job-shadowing:


Best wishes,


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Domonique’s Answer

Volunteer with community service organization. You will earn hours of community service as well as gain experience.