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How is life like in Northeastern University

Asked Honolulu, Hawaii

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Like everything in life, it depends on a lot of things. Do you like the city/urban lifestyle, are you living on-campus/off campus, what major are you in, what activities do you do, what community groups are you involved in, etc...

I was at Northeastern from 2009-14 and was born and raised in Boston (lived there most of my life). I majored in Finance, minored in Econ and Health Science, and took Computer Science courses. I was a Resident Assistant from my 2nd year until i graduated. My experience encompassed a lot of different areas, communities, and experiences, but especially on-campus ones.

The 5 year program with 3 co-ops is incredible. It gives you the ability to try so many different things, get real work experience, and learn so much more than a traditional 4yr classes only (IMO). They like to call it "experiential learning" and it really is. Life as a co-op is totally different than life as a student in classes, and it's really great to experience both. You'll truly get a feel for what it's like to be a "working professional" but at the same time, especially if you're on campus, you can hop right back into the college mindset when you get home.

In terms of everyday "life", as I mentioned before, it can totally depend on where you're living, where you like to hang out, or what you like to do. The great thing about being in the heart of Boston is that there is something, place, or people for everyone. You can live on-campus your whole time (plug for Reslife here, save some $, meet incredible people, do great things for the community, become an RA!), live off campus close by in Symphony, Fenway area, or in the far off lands of Mission Hill (couple T stops away, it's really not that far...). For social life the world is your oyster. Join whatever groups you want, see whatever things you want to see, it's a city and a great one at that, and Northeastern itself is a huge place and community and only getting bigger and better as time goes on.

Feel free to leave a comment asking more questions, but if you can't already tell, I think Northeastern is pretty great #gohuskies