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What is it like doing an alternative postgraduate teacher training program?

Asked Indianapolis, Indiana

I am currently pursuing a general studies degree at Indiana University Indianapolis, but I plan to be a teacher a few years down the line. The government website don't give much information about what it's like to go through the intensive training and apprenticeship programs, nor are they clear about what type of undergraduate coursework is necessary to prepare for this field. I would like to teach English in secondary schools. #education

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Uma’s Answer


If you are a sophomore or a junior you may want to make an appointment with an academic counselor in the School of Teaching , to see if you can add some credits, pedagogy courses, and prep courses for teacher certification (in whatever area/subject you're interested) to graduate with teaching certification. This way you can get employed right after graduation.

I did my certification as part of my Master's program in Business Education, and I had to have a semester's worth of student teaching in a high school which gave me a job after my certification! That is an advantage of being in a college program as most of the teaching schools/colleges are attached to a school district where they place their students for student teaching, observation hours etc and if you make a good impression in that time, schools are happy to offer the student teachers a job instead of looking outside for someone who doesn't understand the school culture

Uma recommends the following next steps:

  • Talk to some alums of your Teaching School at Indiana University or teachers at local schools to get an idea of their path. Most of the teachers are happy to share their experiences, etc.