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Jeevika S.’s Avatar
Jeevika S. Apr 28, 2016 1024 views

How to speak in English ?

Hai ! I want to speak in English but I do know How to speak in English . Pls help me with any websites, courses, or any classes to Join to get fluency. teaching teacher professor student educator...


satish K.’s Avatar
satish K. Apr 29, 2016 830 views

I want become a dancer.

I am Satish in 9th Class. I love to dance and i want to become a dancer. Dancing is my passion so i want it my profession so please guide me from where i got professional training for the dancer professional...


Gopal K.’s Avatar
Gopal K. Apr 30, 2016 745 views

To Become a Pilot

I am Gopal, 10th class, from GSSS carterpuri Gurgaon. I want to become Pilot. Please Guide me what i have to do after 10th and form where i will get training. professional educator airline-industry...


manu V.’s Avatar
manu V. May 03, 2016 914 views

How do I become an IAS officer?

I'm interested in serving as an IAS officer. Which subjects should I study in school to become one? educator ias career military government...


madan K.’s Avatar
madan K. May 03, 2016 797 views

How do I become a scientist?

I want to become a scientist but am currently studying commerce in India. Does anybody have any suggestions for ways I can pursue science/change my course of study? science educator higher-education career college...


monika V.’s Avatar
monika V. May 05, 2016 778 views
loka S.’s Avatar
loka S. May 05, 2016 531 views

which course i want to take while i want to became a animation and graphic disigner cource

Why means I will take that course only that my mom and dad is saying that animation course will take more money don't want saying elders and parents say that which course I want to take educator 3d-graphics...


Pavithra R.’s Avatar
Pavithra R. May 12, 2016 2377 views

I want to became a District Collector

I have completed 10th, so which stream is suitable, please help me...


Vidyashree H.’s Avatar
Vidyashree H. May 12, 2016 1317 views

I want to became a Airoster

I want to became Airoster, So please help which stream is suitable and how to prepare....


Britton  Z.’s Avatar
Britton Z. May 17, 2016 662 views

How do I advance my cooking skills?

I want to go to culinary school, and I want to go forward having already earned some type of notable certificate or accomplishment, so are there any online courses that might help me? cooking culinary...


Surya S.’s Avatar
Surya S. May 18, 2016 705 views

To become a sports man how much we should read?

I'm interested in being an expert in sports. What publications should I read to keep up to date on everything happening in the sports world? college sports educators person athletics news...


swetha S.’s Avatar
swetha S. May 19, 2016 979 views

How do I become a bank manager?

I am eager. I want to become bank manager. teaching teacher manager bank higher-education...


devi U.’s Avatar
devi U. May 19, 2016 795 views

how to become a editor in Newspaper?

i will write good hobby is reading stories and newspapers ... so i am interested in these things Kindly help me in this ... education mentoring and...


prasanth R.’s Avatar
prasanth R. May 25, 2016 621 views

how can i become cinema director?

i am studying 12th arts & computer science i become a film direction higher-education film movies...