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Career Questions tagged Trends

Mekkah’s Avatar
Mekkah Jul 29 139 views

What are the latest trends shaping the fashion industry?

Grade/School Level: College Graduate pursuing Masters's Degree
Favorite Class: Digital Tools of Fashion
Major: Fashion Merch & Management
Skills: Fashion Merchandising/Fashion Shows/Trends & Forecasting

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 07, 2022 281 views

What are the best types of photos and images to use in your own personal brand?

I would like my brand to reflect who I really am. How can I do so, if I don't have high-quality photos of myself? Is it appropriate to use stock images?

Devon’s Avatar
Devon Oct 03, 2018 456 views

Is there a specialization (i.e. creative, technical, or professional writing) in my English degree that I should really consider for the future?

#English #trends #futurecareer