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How can I become a movie actor?


Ever since I've been born, I have the passion of acting but in the country where I'm in, that privilege to become an actor isn't available.... I can't pursue my dreams and I don't have the finances yet to travel to America or any other country to pursue this dream... What do I do?? And can I please get help from anyone... Thank you.. #actingismypassion #acting

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Michelle’s Answer


Hi, Malvin W. - This is a difficult question as you've mentioned that you're not in the United States, but didn't say what country.

With limited information, I guess we should start with discussing a good plan of action. It won't happen quickly based on the information you've provided, but it sounds like the first step to examine is how you might save money to travel.

The first step might be to consider obtaining employment and saving for your goal. Acting is a very strong passion and right now it seems as though it will be impossible. Try to realize that many actors relocate to New York or Hollywood, only to find that , even when they are there, acting jobs may not happen quickly.

If you are planning to move to the United States, New York or Hollywood will be the areas that you may want to settle in. Most of the paid work for actors is in these two cities. They both are very expensive cities to live in, also.

Once you have obtained a job to save your money for the move, network with other people that have the same passion. You can even start a small acting group which you may than promote locally and discover possible performance venues. Create. Use your self-starting skills to form your own projects. Look up everything you possibly can on line about what is happening for performers in your country or a country nearby. There are no limits, but first you do need experience. This is why, with no opportunities around where you live, you must develop your own for now. Once you get to the industry cities, you will need a resume in order to obtain acting jobs. You may also consider getting a You Tube channel and showcasing your own videos.

I would suggest taking acting classes, but they are not free, whether from a college, private company or on line. Turn your eagerness into drive and know that you will probably have to wait in order to get your first paying job if you have no experience. It is very rare that someone with no background in acting obtains a well-paying acting job. You can always consider modeling, voice over work and extra/background work. It takes time and it is an exciting journey. You will meet many people, see many interesting and new things and learn a lot that will prepare you for the real world of being an actor.

I would suggest reading www.backstage.com which always has great articles and information for actors. You will have some idea of what it's like to pursue acting in the United States.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, do not let anyone hold you back on your dream. Try to associate with positive, understanding people and take the nay-sayers in stride.

You can make it happen ! Best wishes to you on this most exciting venture !

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

  • Obtain employment and save your money for your relocation plans.
  • Network with other actors and writers, etc. and form your own projects so that you may have some experience to provide on an acting resume.
  • Consider developing a YouTube Channel to showcase your talents.
  • Prepare and develop your skills by taking acting lessons.
  • Read www.backstage.com so that you can keep up with the industry and get helpful tips from some of the articles.