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What goes on in an ambulance?

I want to be a paramedic and i'm wondering what goes on when you pick up a patient. #healthcare

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David’s Answer


Alonso, sometimes the patient becomes frightened and runs out. That’s why the police run with you a lot. Sometimes the patients are the police. So you have to be a take charge kind of person. I’ve been, spit at, bitten, thrown across the ambulance and the list goes on. You have restraints on the stretcher and sedative medications to help you with this. I do not want to paint a pretty pricture for you, because it’s rarley pretty. That ambulance ride can be nauseating, and that’s for people who are already often nauseated. At the risk of sounding old fashion, you’re two best friends in an ambulance, are oxygen and that gas pedal. If you have any more questions about this, feel free to ask me. David George (Retired Paramedic)

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