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What is a typical day as a stationary engineer?

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2 answers

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Simon’s Answer

A Stationary Engineer usually manages a utilities. Depending on the size of the facility this could be several systems, Plant air, refrigeration, boilers, water systems, HVAC etc. Smaller facilities will have you monitor and manage several systems. Larger facilities can hove one stationary engineer per system.. Stationary engineers become experts in their area and are responsible for keeping their area working efficiently and without unexpected failures. Monitoring the readings, charting results and checking the condition of the items is paramount. You can be responsible for overseeing repairs and a budget for that particular utility or area. You will probably report to a Facilities Manager and you could be a union or non-union employee, working days or on a back shift on occasion. This is a very good career for someone that is good with details and can manage their time as well as a team of contractors when repairs are needed.

Simon recommends the following next steps:

If you are interested contact a local industry of facility and see if you can talk to the Facilities or Maintenance Manager.
Investigate a local Technical school to see if they offer classes in basic engineering.

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Dorina’s Answer

I am an Implementation Engineer.   I receive EHB's ( Engineering Handbook's ) from a Planner and I then have to input them into a VIPS system to create a job request for one of many vendors that I interface with.   I attend numerous conference calls.  I work on budget for each of the jobs that I am responsible for.  I track each job and make sure we can make the due date.  I interface with numerous vendors.   I am also responsible for heading up the mentoring for Aspire in the White Plains area.