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what do you do if you work as an OB GYN doctor or an nick u worker?

Asked Versailles, Indiana

Hi, i am O #doctor livia. I am 13. I like to care for younger kids. #doctor #doctor

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Madeline’s Answer

Updated Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Okay, these are two very different jobs, but they do work in the same sector of a hospital. An OB GYN is a doctor who has a medical degree. This doctor helps the mother throughout her pregnancy, and can even help the mother decide what kind of birth plan she would prefer. A NIC U (Neonatal Intensive Care unit) is where babies who need a little more care after they are born are placed. In my opinion, a NIC U worker is a demanding position.

Madeline recommends the following next steps:

  • Think about where you would like to work in a hospital and why
I really apperciate you devoting your time to answer my question! Thanks again.