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Versailles, Indiana
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I want to become a OBGYN at any hospitle that will allow me to go.



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Olivia Aug 03, 2019 447 views

What is a bridge over in the medical field?

I am Olivia. I am 14 now, and I love to keep babies for babysitting. #doctor

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Olivia May 12, 2019 669 views

How many years does a bridge over take in College in the medical field?

Hi, I am Olivia Lynn Gilley. I am 13, and I go to South Ripley Junior School. I have always been around nurses and doctors. I also babysit. I am in love with the medical field. #healthcare #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor #premed

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Olivia Apr 15, 2019 503 views

How often are OBGYN doctors or nurses called out for an emergency?

How often does it happen or just a good explanation of a #doctor work day is fine too.

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Olivia Jan 26, 2019 551 views

what do you do if you work as an OB GYN doctor or an nick u worker?

Hi, i am O #doctor livia. I am 13. I like to care for younger kids. #doctor #doctor

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Olivia Jan 08, 2019 519 views

When you are becoming a OB GYN in college then is it hard? What goals do you need to set ahead of time?

I am olivia and I am 13! I babysit toddlers and babies! I have younger cousins and I am in love with babies and I would like to spend my life taking care of them. I am also willing to devote my life to my work as an OB GYN in the future.


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Olivia Dec 23, 2018 951 views

What will help me be calm during an emergency baby delivery?

I am Olivia. I am 13 and i am a big baby lover! I want to become a OB GYN when I graduate College!

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Olivia Sep 05, 2018 718 views

Is it very stressful to know that you can be called in for an emergency delivery?

My name is Olivia and I am in the 8th grade at South Ripley Junior high. I love to care for babies and kids. I like to babysit babies and kids,I am a big baby lover and a kid lover too! #obgyn