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Versailles, Indiana

Within 40 mile radius
hilary’s Avatar
hilary Jul 03 252 views

what are the requirement for one to becom a pilot?

how much do pilots earn

Cenjing’s Avatar
Cenjing Jun 23 261 views

What is the most important thing you should get out of College, besides a degree?

Though the main goal of college is to earn a degree for a higher education, college students should also recognize the other aspects that aid in their development, including social and intellectual. So what could those important things a young adult should look out for in their college career?

Naol’s Avatar
Naol Jun 12 512 views

I have 4 weeks until a study abroad college program. Is there any way for me to get paid professional experience that I can put on my resume. If so, where do I go to apply?

I want to find places to apply because I want paid work experience to put on resume.

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Mar 25 702 views

what is the best things i have to do to learn new skills?

like programming

Blessing’s Avatar
Blessing Mar 07 1037 views

What skills should I have for being a surgical technician?

I want to become a surgical technician in hopes of becoming the first surgical assistant along these lines. I'm about to enter into the surgical technology. I want to prepare myself for what's to come and make sure that I'm on the top of my game. I also would like to know what a surgical...

Roselyn’s Avatar
Roselyn Mar 07 860 views

How Can I Become Better At Writing Songs?

I would LOVE to learn how to write meaningful songs, and inspire people with my voice and words!
But I'm not sure how. Where do I draw my inspiration from? Where do the words come in? How do I rhyme correctly? What are the right words to put together and when?

Roselyn’s Avatar
Roselyn Mar 05 1327 views

How Can I Get More Traffic to my small Art Website?

I have a website where I'd like to begin selling my art, and I'd like to know how I can get more traffic to it!

This is my site:

Roselyn’s Avatar
Roselyn Mar 04 786 views

How Can I Become a Singer In The Music Industry Starting Out All by Myself?

I am in 10th grade and aspire to be a famous singer.

grace’s Avatar
grace Feb 28 750 views

How Do you differentiate business finance and personal finance when deciding which to chose?

I want to work in finance but have no idea any other information to decide what specifically

balls’s Avatar
balls Dec 12, 2023 386 views

What type of Collage should i go to if i want to major in graphic arts?

I want to major in graphic arts but idk what to do

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Nov 26, 2023 354 views

What is an easier way to memorize the chemical formula of Nitro Glycerin (C3H6N3O9)?

What is an easier way to memorize the chemical formula of Nitro Glycerin (C3H6N3O9)

eva’s Avatar
eva Nov 06, 2023 487 views

What is Psychiatry like?

Why or why not would you recommend psychiatry as a career? Is it worth it? What is working like? Is there any way to get rid of student debt for the future?

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Nov 06, 2023 289 views

what can i do ??

what can i do after high school?

Meadow’s Avatar
Meadow Oct 24, 2023 1348 views

What is the best major for cosmetology?

For a hobby I like to style this head that I have which is a doll head that you are supposed to practice on and I like to practice on wigs.

Alison’s Avatar
Alison Oct 13, 2023 2510 views

What degree would pair well with Business Management Associates Degree?

I almost have Business Management Associates degree from another college. I’m planning on getting another Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree. I was wondering what would pair well with that degree for more job opportunities.

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