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Warehouse worker

Asked Ottumwa, Iowa

what was your previous experience before working in a warehouse #social-work #work

2 answers

Nija’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Trevor! Unfortunately, I never had work experience as a warehouse worker. I am in the helping profession and I have been working as social worker for almost 10 years. I am responsible for helping individuals and families to cope with concerns that they are facing and help them come up with a plan to address the concern. However, the typical day as a warehouse worker involves loading and unloading delivery vehicles, by hand or with a forklift truck; checking for damaged or missing items and then sorting stock for storage in the the warehouse. I hope this helps.

jesse’s Answer

Updated Antioch, California

This is a hard blue collar job. Warehouse work is physical. Usually a lot of younger people do it part time and or people who didn’t have the change to go to college so there forced to do manual or physical type laborer jobs.