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What are five things I ought to know for sure about, like the schedule or the pay?

Hello, my name’s Jesse, thank you for checking out this question. I’m over at Pine Knot Job Corps, in Kentucky, as a student in Urban Forestry. I’m hoping that by talking to someone, I can better understand this trade, or at least learn more about it. I’d like to ask someone about what I’m going into and get their insights on it. #career #urbanforestry

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3 answers

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Saranya’s Answer

Hi Jesse,

By asking questions you will understand the position you're considering stepping into, additionally you may get a chance to negotiate your offer.

1) What should be your priorities in this role?
2) Ask about the nature of the work. Is this a remote or flex job
3) What will my schedule look like on a daily basis or weekly basis
4) What is the performance review process
5) What benefits are offered? Will i receive benefits immediately?
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Brandon’s Answer

Hey Jesse,

In addition to the other responses I'd add these to your list as well:

1. Are there additional training or learning opportunities offered?
2. Are you able to "shadow" experienced collogues with the same position?
3. What is the companies main objective or focus? and does it align with your value system?
4. Will you be micro managed or able to make business decisions on your own and to what extent are you given "free range" to operate as needed?
5. What is the employers expectations of you in 6 months, 2 years, etc.?

Hope this helps!
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Karen’s Answer

Relating to any position, I'd suggest asking questions like this:

  1. What opportunities might I have for advancement?
  2. What are the qualities of those who are successful here?
  3. What do most employees like about working here?
  4. In what ways is this position flexible?
  5. What else can I do to obtain this position?