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how to learn data science

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5 answers

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Yi’s Answer

there are some math skills it's better you acquire in school for understanding AI, so if it is possible, focus on them in your math class, they are basically:
Linear algebra (essential to understanding most ML/AI approaches) Basic differential calculus (with a bit of multi-variable calculus) Coordinate transformation and non-linear transformations (key ideas in ML/AI)

obviously you need programming skills, Python is still the most popular one in this Data science world, but might not be the case when you started to work on this field. so any language will do, just learn the logic and fundamentals well. l you will be able to quickly pick up new languages if you do.

and then if you want to be a data scientist, only after master these math and programming skills, you can start with classes in coursera - I would recommend Andrew Ng's intruduction to machine learning

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Mingze’s Answer

Hi Taeseong, I am glad you are looking to learn data science since it has become a skill in demand. I have found the answer here on quora very true. I hope it will help you: https://qr.ae/TUfzd3

Mingze recommends the following next steps:

Please read the post and let me know if you have any questions. I am more than happy to answer them for you.

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Bijan’s Answer

Hi Taeseong,

Data Science is very much an art of story telling. You need to be proficient in the technical side of Data Science ie getting familiar with R & Python, leveraging modules like pandas, matplotlib, etc. but also you need to tell the story of the data to non-technical audience and c level suite. Like others have said, don't underestimate the math side of things which are critical. I would recommend leveraging any free resources to develop your skills. Elon Musk has said that you can learn anything you want for free. There is a significant amount of information on the internet.


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Vijayanand’s Answer

All the answers by Heine & Mingze are relevant. I would also add that if you are in school, focusing on Math - Probability and Statistics and Linear Algebra, Vector Algebra is critical for being a good data scientist. Ofcourse, the programs on coursera.org are then building on top of that.

Good luck. this is a hot field, so the industry has a lot of demand for good data scientists.

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Heine’s Answer

There are some very good courses from Coursera presented by universities like:

  • Arizona State University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of Illinois
  • University of London


Some of those trainings you can learn for free.

Edx has some very good trainings also from: Microsoft, IBM, MIT, Harvard.


I recommend you to check the content and the feedbacks. With that you can filter what is best for you.