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what's it like to be a financial advisor?

Asked Orlando, Florida

- what do you do?
- how much do you get paid annually?
- do you work independently or with a group of other advisors?

1 answer

Daniel’s Answer


Financial advisors have a unique balance of people skills as well as financial knowledge. They must balance building relationships and the trust of their potential clients, as well as display their knowledge of potential investment opportunities and trends.

Compensation depends on how good you are at your job to be honest, the more clients you have and the more success your advice results in, the higher you get paid. The rough average is about 85,000$ a year but can climb significantly.

In terms of work setup, it depends. You can be an advisor on your own, but that is often a harder path as you aren't able to build as much trust without a company/co-workers backing you. Thus, most financial advisors start by advising with other people in the same field.

If you are interested in a career as a financial advisor, you should look into Business Schools with strong Finance programs. For instance, the University of Massachusetts Amherst!

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