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cole H. Aug 22, 2016 610 views

How does one go about getting into working in the management of a professional sports team?

Interested in working in sport management, but not sure how one gets involved in the back-office of managing a team/franchise. #sports #sports-management #soccer...


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Zachary R. Feb 09, 2017 701 views

What are some of the main/most prominent U.S.-based colleges that offer courses in Apparel Design?

I'm considering the notion of pursuing a career in Fashion Design, and I want to know which institutions would best prepare me for a successful career. #fashion #apparel-and-fashion #fashion-merchandising...


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Deana A. Jul 14, 2017 1420 views

Clubs vs Internships Freshman year of college

I'm an incoming freshman for this fall, and the college I am attending has so many opportunities. To the professionals and former college students, I wanted to ask: is it more important to get involved in clubs and organizations my first year on campus, or should I be pursuing more professional...

#career-decisions #college #internships #college-advice

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Mireia R. Dec 13, 2017 731 views
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Lauren J. Jan 13, 2018 552 views

Best colleges for environmental science?

I'd love to go to #college for #environmental-science but wonder which colleges/universities here in the U.S. I should prioritize applying to. What would you say are the best colleges for environmental science? #science...


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Nakira W. Jan 15, 2018 302 views

In what ways can I make my college and medical school applications stand out?

I am currently a high school junior and I know that there are some equally as smart and probably better people I am competing against in the real world. I am just interested in knowing how to make myself stand out and be accepted to the schools of my choice. #healthcare...

#surgery #medicine #medical-school #hospital-and-health-care

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Andrew C. Jan 17, 2018 343 views

How expensive is medical school on average.

i am working on my undergrad and want to go to medical school next. #medical-school #medicine #healthcare...


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Sylvia C. Jan 23, 2018 335 views

What is the best way to plan for your Graduates School?

I plan on going onto graduate school, and the amount of schools to further my history degree is overwhelming. I know I would enjoy archiving and ancient history, but after that I am stumped. #masters...


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Khloe G. Jan 30, 2018 365 views

Is summer school more expensive than a normal school year?

I have to pay tuition on my own and I am wondering how that will affect me......


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Cameron B. Mar 13, 2018 400 views

What are some important things to prioritize on applications if given limited space to convey information about yourself?

I've completed my applications but am currently looking to answer this question in the event I need to fill out more college information in the future.#stanford #college...


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Corrine C. Apr 17, 2018 236 views

How can colleges ask us to have an intended major when we are all 17 and 18?

Its a great big world out there, and making us decide what we want to be before we are ready. #insane #I am too...

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Yannick N. May 22, 2018 257 views

What do you do to consistently maintain a 4.0 GPA every semester in college?

-Study tips? When to go out? When do you really make time to socialize?...


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isadora E. Jul 23, 2018 155 views