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Do you currently work and if so where?

Asked Limestone, Maine

What was your job title?
How was a typical day at your job like?
Do you believe you have learned any useful abilities at your job and what they can contribute in? #job # #job-application

2 answers

David’s Answer

Updated Rolling Meadows, Illinois


     I work at Verizon Wireless in the Support Coordinator department. My typical day is a couple tasks. First, I take calls helping customers with their Verizon wireless issues as well as take calls for customers who want to speak to a Manager. Secondly, I support my colleges via a chat system where I will be speaking with up to two colleges at a time assisting them with their calls. At Verizon I have learned very much that will be paramount in my future, the biggest one being how to speak to anyone. Speaking to someone sounds simple enough but the difference between just throwing words out of your mouth and acknowledging a situation that can be resolved is something we often think we can already do until you see the results of a genuine constructive conversation.

Romain’s Answer

Updated Paris, Île-de-France, France

Hi Abner,

I'm working for Airbnb, especially in the Hospitality branch for the HotelTonight App. I'm working in the Parisian office (I'm French), but I have many opportunities to move and not staying all the time at the office. My job title is Market Manager for French market. It enroles doing Sales and Account Management with hotels we work with. I am the person who dealing with partners, it means convince them to be on the App, to sell their rooms through the App and even better negotiate discount for our users to get best deals.

Once a month I travel to meet in face to face meeting my partners for few days. I love the fact to move from the office, it's not a routine. I visited different cities like Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse , Montpellier or even the south of France like Cannes. Just for your information this job exists in north America, Mexico and Europe. I had also the opportunity to work form London office and also San Francisco from where i'm writing these words.

I believe in what I'm doing over two different fields:

1/ Skills: I develop Sales and Account Management expertise in one the best travel tech company in the world. So I'm building competencies that could be replicable in other areas or industries.

2/ Passion: I'm passionate about travel. To me, offer to someone a travel stay which is affordable in an indie hotel is a great experience to make discover. So I find a real sense in what I'm doing.

Do not hesitate to reach me out if you have further questions.

Enjoy your life by what you're doing everyday.