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Looking to be a Data Analyst

How important is knowing Javascript as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist? I am exploring careers and see many courses offering JS. #datascience, #college

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3 answers

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Su’s Answer

Hi Dee,

To be honest I don't think being Data Analyst or Scientist requires any JavaScript skills. Here are a list of useful resources/materials that should be useful for you to start with:

Coursera (ML / Statistics / Big Data / Data Visualization)

- Machine Learning, by Stanford

- Deep Learning Specialization (5 courses), by deeplearning.ai

- Advanced Machine Learning Specialization (3/7 courses), by National Research University

- Bayesian Statistics, by University of California, Santa Cruz. check 1point3acres for more.

- Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau, by Duke

- Big Data Integration and Processing, by University of California, Santa Cruz

Books (ML / Statistics)

- Hands-On Machine Learning with SciKit-Learn and TensorFlow

- Python Machine Learning

- Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (PRML)

- The Elements of Statistical Learning (ESL)

- An Introduction to Statistical Learning (ISL)

- Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective

- Interpretable Machine Learning

As Data Analytics its a most have skill set to run sophisticated SQL queries and be familiar with modern data warehouse like Hive, SparkSQL. A great book to start with is: https://www.manning.com/books/big-data-warehousing-cx



Su recommends the following next steps:

You don't need study JavaScript for sure
Go through the books/courses, and more..
A good understanding of big data skills like Hadoop, Spark is plus
Take interviews with real companies and learn what the industry is asking for their positions

that's a great list to begin with 1 Chhavi Sharma

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karthik’s Answer

Earn a bachelor’s degree in a field with an emphasis on statistical and analytical skills, such as math or computer science
Learn important data analytics skills
Consider certification
Get your first entry-level data analyst job
Earn a master’s degree in data analytic

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John’s Answer

There are lots of jobs for Data Analyst and Data Scientist. Every organization is looking to analyze their data to improve. These positions are similar and there are some good articles on the web about the actual differences. In general, you will be taking lots of advanced math, statistics and computer science in college.

John recommends the following next steps:

Understand the various positions available as a data analyst and data scientists. Understand the different responsibilities.
Make a list of colleges that offer data analyst and data scientist majors.
Look at course requirements for data analyst and data scientist majors to help decide which one if best for you.