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Priti Mahajan

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Thayamma Jun 22, 2016 1011 views

I want become a data analyst ? which is suitable subjects i need to study

m 10th class student, guide me for career #any

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Kelly Mar 26, 2020 957 views

Can I be a data analyst if I am good in statistics and not math?

#statistics #math

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Dee Mar 09, 2019 1099 views

Looking to be a Data Analyst

How important is knowing Javascript as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist? I am exploring careers and see many courses offering JS. #datascience, #college

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Quiana Aug 10, 2021 932 views

How do you improve time management at work?

#time-management , #data entry, #revenue cycle

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DD Jun 26, 2021 669 views

Business Analytics

Do you think Business Analytics would be an amazing career option for the future?
#business #career