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Change my career

Asked Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

I was a student major in Accounting, undergraduate as well as master degree. But I didn't like it now. I really want to do data analysis now, so I self-study python and machine learning.
But most HRs will refuse my resume since I'm not major in CS or relating majors. And my parents also don't support my decision.
Now I'm so confused and almost get lost... Can any one give me some suggestions?

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3 answers

BHARGAV’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas


I understand your situation, but I feel your educational background will actually help you standout along with the knowledge of data skills. 

In fact, Accounting analytics is a great area for compliance and fraud examination.

So, I will suggest you keep updating your profile with knowledge, refer www.coursera.com or www.udacity.com for theory and www.udacity.com; and Kaggle for practical resources. 

Keep updating your resume with some practical work in data analysis or data science projects to showcase the experience on your resume. 

This should only cost your time but will take a lot of effort and patience from your end. 

It may take a while but will definitely work.

Good Luck!


Thank you!

Bruce’s Answer

Updated St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia


As you can see, you've already on track for chasing your interests.

One tip can give you is, attend some social activities with same industries, like WeChat Machine learning or data science group.

Build your social network, get contacts for people who have already working in this industries, and try to introduce yourself and get referral.

Sometimes, referral will bypass HR filtering and your resume can be presented directly to hiring manager or hiring lead who will be evaluating you based on your true skills rather than comparing background. And you may get chance to have fast track to the final interview.

Follow your heart, do not let yourself regret after couple of years.

Another thing will be try to get some industrial certificates like AWS, Google which can remedy your short of background.

Thanks lot! I'm trying!

Maria Cristina’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

Hi Alex, good that you took the step to follow your interests. I also change of roles two years ago and I know it can be challenging. For me I knew that I would lost some of the years of experience but at the end will be beneficial because I liked a lot more what I am doing now.

My recommendation will be to find ways of demostrate your knowledge maybe get some certification of courses with actual diplomas to add to your resume. Also you may want to try with programs for basic entry level like the ones for graduate students but that could work for you. An be more expresive in your job interviews, use your previous experience in your favor and combine the best of your knowledge to be a better candidate you can also offer to do some technical interviews to demonstrate your knowledge.