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What kinds of jobs can I apply for with a GED ?

Asked Denver, Colorado

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Tom’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

Hello Anahi. If you are getting a GED or have one, congratulations. That's a really good move. With a GED most companies these days recognize it as the same as a high school diploma. Many job listings will note, under 'Job Requirements', what degree of education is required. To find the vast array of jobs available for folks with a GED or diploma I'd suggest going to the job search website 'indeed.com' and simply entering your zip code and the search word "GED" of maybe "G.E.D." and see what turns up. It will be a lot of jobs and they will be in all kinds of fields. There you go. That's your answer. However to be even a more attractive potential employee you might consider getting at least one additional credential. Say you are interested in car mechanics. With your GED and maybe some other short term certification in something to do with car mechanics you are setting yourself apart as a more qualified candidate. There are all kinds of short courses (a week ?) online and locally that upon completion give you a certification of some type, and therefore a competitive edge. The course doesn't have to be terribly detailed or expensive, just the fact you did it shows you are literally invested in your own future. I'd suggest you look into what's available in a career area that interests you. Good luck!