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I'm thinking of being a doctor but i don't know which kind because i don't want to spend a lot of years going to collage. What kind of doctor would there be that would not take a lot of years of collage?

Updated Denver, Colorado

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Rachel’s Answer

To become a doctor you will need a minimum of 8 years of school after high school- 4 years of undergrad and 4 years of medical/osteopathic/naturopathic/dental/veterinary/chiropractic school. A PhD will take at least as long if not longer. It's a long road, but worth it if that is your passion. If you are interested in a medical career but do not want to commit to so many years of school, where a tons of healthcare careers out there that don't require a doctorate. Many of these I didn't even know existed until I started working in healthcare!

Rachel recommends the following next steps:

  • Check out this site - it has a tool where you can search for healthcare careers based on the years of school required. https://explorehealthcareers.org/career-explorer/
  • See if your school offers a health science/medical careers exploration course.

Holly’s Answer

Updated Warren, Ohio

Hello Vanessa,

To become a physician you need a great deal of education. I will share with you my experience. I attended college for 4 years and received a bachelors degree. I spent one year in graduate school (this was extra!). Then there was 4 years of traditional medical school. I am a neurologist, so my first year following medical school was a medical internship and then a 3 year neurology residency. I followed this with a one year fellowship in Epilepsy. For me it was a 14 year journey after high school, but very much worth it for me. Sometimes the road ahead seems so long and far, but I think if you find your passion and follow your heart, you end up on the right path for you. Hard work, faith and dreams are so important in life. Good Luck to you Vanessa.

Bashir’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Doctors are meant to always be learning that is why they spend a lot of time in schools. Because after all that, you are going to handle our lives. Think about it, if your children's Doctor did not get enough education, would you feel safe?? Of course no, but they are some paths of becoming a doctor in short period of time. Take AP classes in high school. Apply to take a PCAT exam for a pharmacy school. After that read for the exam well and do some research. When you pass the exam, you will be admitted in the pharmacy school and boom you're set to be a Doctor in just four years. It all takes hard time and sacrifice. Good luck with that!

C Patrick’s Answer


Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, and veterinary medicine all require a 4-year college degree. While there are some combined bachelor’s-professional degree programs and advanced entrance programs, these are uncommon and ultimately result in one receiving a bachelors degree during the 1st or 2nd year of your professional degree.