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Hi i want to be a gaming youtuber

how do i do it and which collages are good for this #gaming #video

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2 answers

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Alex’s Answer

I believe Jonathan gave you a great head start on what to do to be a gaming youtuber. In response to your follow up question. Being a website manager there are a couple different ways to go.

First, you will need to take courses that focus on scripting. It’s programming but specifically for what you want to do. There are many languages in regards to programming but the main ones for websites would be Java and HTML.

Second, a lot of people who are in this field also focus on graphic design so they can actually develop the content behind what is on the websites and that will show you the more artistic side of that part of the business. Many college’s offer these classes.

Lastly, computer networking degrees also focus on building networks together with servers and users in operating systems. While websites is more design and on the graphics side of things, networking focuses on the foundations and operating systems and programming and linking them together over networks. This can be done with virtual desktops, VPN’s (virtual private networks), and at the physical layer the servers and hardware and building and programming them for companies.

Hope this helps.

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jonathan’s Answer

<span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83);">There are a few areas you should focus on the first being video production/creation, you will have to get good at editing the videos to "tell a story" for the individual videos. You want to make sure that there is a flow or natural progression to the video and not just a bunch of random events stringed together.</span>

<span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83);">The other area to focus on is understanding advertising and business relations. There is only so much money to be made directly from Youtube as a creator. As channels pick up more and more subscribers they have the opportunity to work with companies to promote their products and services.</span>

You should focus your search for schools that have good programs in those fields, but also begin now by starting a twitch account and begin streaming. Make sure this is something you are going to want to do day in and day out if you want to make this your career.


what if it don't work out I have a back up plan for that and it's to be a company's website manger. what do I need for that Pono M.