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What other strengths or experience might i need for the suggested careers?

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4 answers

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Vijayalakshmi’s Answer

Hi Omar,

For any career path you may choose following are the certain experiences and skills I look for in my experience.

1. Dedication to learn and adapt.
2. Risk taking ability and situational based decisions
3. Be open and bring in ideas to table to develop more constructive discussions .
4. As a technical manager, one of the key skills needed are collaborative skills to talk to different teams and make sure everybody are aligned.

You could gain this experience from your schools projects and assignments by being a group leader or group member. Hope this helps.

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Simeon’s Answer

In general, it's good to be able to work on your writing, communication, and software skills. Aside from some very technical jobs, you can learn a lot of what you need to know on the job. Also, networking will be essential, almost regardless of the career you will be going into.

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Omar:

I think I need more info on what the suggested careers are that you're asking about. Can you provide more specifics?

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Casey’s Answer

Though your question is not specific, I think there are plenty of desirable skills and experience that cross over many industries. When I am looking for someone to work for me I want someone who has displayed:

1- They have a strong work ethic and personal sense of drive and purpose
2 - They are a team player
3 - They can manage their time efficiently and effectively
4 - They can manage conflicts in a respectful and direct manner

Having any past experiences that they can relate to these areas or to specific job qualifications is a plus!