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What other strengths or experiences might I need for the suggested careers?

Asked Lakeland, Florida

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Sahel’s Answer

Hi Jacob,

There are a handful of skills that go a long way regardless of what career path you choose. In my experience, you should really try and develop and hone in on the following:

  1. Good public speaking and the ability to converse on a broad range of topical issues. I recommend reading global news (not just US news) daily to get a better understanding of the world and it provides for great conversation if you ever have to talk to a recruiter, manager, executive etc.
  2. Volunteer and give back to the community. Companies like to see people who are selfless and care more about their peers and the environment than just themselves! A really easy way to demonstrate this is to volunteer or get involved in your local community.
  3. Have a number of extra curricular interests. This is a HUGE point. Companies don't want people who've just studied their whole lives. They want people who are well rounded and have a variety of interests, be it sports, art, climbing, hiking etc. Make sure you're well rounded.

Hope this helps!


Ciji’s Answer

Updated Morrisville, North Carolina

Depending on your chosen career, strengths will vary but there are some skills that are pretty universal no matter the field.

  1. Communication- your ability to communicate a message clearly (written or verbally) will be important in pretty much any career you choose.
  2. Life Long Learning- Do you enjoy developing yourself? Are you willing to continue your education and training throughout your career?
  3. Reliable/Consistent- When you commit to something do you deliver as promised and is your work consistent? If the answer is yes and people can count on you, then this is a huge strength anywhere that you go in the future.