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What type of skills, do I need for my future career?

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3 answers

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Vincent’s Answer

Using computers and technology will always be important, organization always helps, communications to learn how to present, work in small groups, etc... This goes without a doubt for sports or anything else. Also leadership skills and influencing skills are good to ensure you clearly get your needs across, even if the team decides not to follow your lead. And this is something that you will get better at.

With sports, I have several sports injuries from football, wrestling, skateboarding and karate. Learning more about the human body may also be helpful so you can best understand what happens when you are injured. Also, consider what you want to start to do after sports. Once you are retired, you will most likely have to align to another career.

Always stay open and explore different ideas to see what you like as you go through the sports thing.

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Terrence’s Answer

The ability to build relationships is going to be a pivotal aspect in the advancement of your career. Networking is the single greatest way to learn more about what career opportunities exist. It will also allow you to learn from the testimonies of others on the Do's/Don'ts in a particular profession. It's imperative that you find professional mentors who can assist with cultivating and expanding your current skill sets to push you further in your career. Lastly, you have to understand the overall long term scope of your specific organization in order to determine how you can be most successful!

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Mahesh’s Answer

It is a very broad question. The answers could differ based on the specific career once chooses to pursue. In my opinion, the basic skills one must have to excel are compassion, active listening, accountability and leadership skills. Again, this is not an exhaustive list. Another key aspect is learning the business that you choose your career in is also vital

Mahesh recommends the following next steps:

Pick a few career paths
Narrow down to top 3 or 5 at most
Pick 1 or 2 experts in area and talk to them to get their insights
Research the area that appeals to you the most