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how do i start finding work as a video editor

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3 answers

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Sara’s Answer

There are great online work resources you can get started with, like Mandy.com, that are geared toward the film & TV industry. If you're in a school program I'd also suggest a conversation with your career counseling department or finding out how to be in touch with grads from your school that have gotten into editing and use them as a resource. There's lots of different ways you can use the skill so consider what kind of editing you want to do - long form, effects, finishing, news/highlights, event... Different places require different skillsets. If you want to work on movies then you'll need to start building up a solid career with a good post-house. If you like working with people and want to run your own business then you could be cutting all kinds of pieces start to finish (corporate videos, weddings, etc). You could start in local TV and cut b-roll and sound on a dime, quick-turnaround, handling different content every day. Experience and a good reel will be key in this business.

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Milton’s Answer

internships, shoot, edit, create a reel.

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Nash’s Answer

Work on your own portfolio of videos to showcase before you apply to these jobs! It shows you have a real passion for it. I know employers are always impressed by anything you do on your own time :)

Nash recommends the following next steps:

Build your own portfolio!