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What classes should I take in high school that will lead to the path I want in college?

Commercial and Industrial designer #graphic-design

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2 answers

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Grant’s Answer

Hi Naomi , for graphic design at college I would suggest Art and also computer studies/computing..

You might also want to have a look at online courses in Adobe illustrator and to look for a drawing tablet on E-bay or similar (a digital drawing pen pad for artwork on computers) something like this, you'll need it for drawing on your computer and it will last for years..

A basic course in photography and also something like Quark express will go a very long way with what you want to do..

There are free trials of the software below and also Quark and Adobe illustrator have student licences that are a lot cheaper and sometimes free




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Shak’s Answer

If finance is an option then that would be great. You would learn about the stock market and also how the economy works which will help guide you throughyour career.