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Javen’s Avatar
Javen Dec 21, 2020 695 views

What does it take to become a roofer

I am in high school and trying to start my own business in roofing. What steps do I need to take to get to that stage. #Roofer #Construction #high-school

Rashaun’s Avatar
Rashaun Jun 26, 2019 584 views

what are the best ways to learn about Electrical engineering

#electrical-engineering #electrical-engineering

Brandi’s Avatar
Brandi May 01, 2019 635 views

What is the most amount of money that a painter gets paid?

#Painting #Construction

mason’s Avatar
mason May 01, 2019 382 views

What does it take to become a wind engineer?


Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Apr 30, 2019 317 views

What do I need to know to become a materials scientist and engineer


Brayan’s Avatar
Brayan May 02, 2019 421 views

what task are you put up to as a hardware engineer?

I just want to know what hardware engineers mainly do when working like constant task they have to do or what the usually do like a routine.

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy May 01, 2019 533 views

How can students break into the field of Solar Energy Systems Engineering?

#engineering #solar power #Renewable Resources and Energ

Cyrus’s Avatar
Cyrus Mar 15, 2019 699 views

What is the entry/median/experienced pay for electrical technicians?

I am interested in becoming an electrical technician, but I am unsure what the pay is like at the start, and how it grows over time as I get more experience. Thank you. #electrical-technician #electrician #electrical-systems #electrical-engineering [This question was revised by an admin for...

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Jan 08, 2019 712 views

What advice could you guys give me if I were to get into Electrical Engineering. Will it be hard at first?

#electricalengineer #engineer #Career #Career-advice #electrical

David’s Avatar
David Apr 12, 2019 547 views

What does your daily work day entails for you as a Electrician?

#Electrical #Electrician #Iroquois Job-corps

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Apr 26, 2019 1892 views

How many hours does a engineer work for?

#engineering #engineer

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Apr 26, 2019 587 views

Any advice for low tuition colleges for international students in San Francisco or close? I really need financial aid, but they do not offer financial aid to international students that easily. I wanna major in communication and history of art.

#advice #college #sanfrancisco #international #internationalstudents #scholarships #financialaid #historyofart #history #media #communication #financial-aid

Ma’s Avatar
Ma Mar 17, 2019 613 views

UCL MEng Civil Engineering offer holder

Hi, I have an offer to read MEng Civil Engineering at University College London (UCL). I read some online reviews on UCL, and there appears to be many bad reviews. I've seen people writing reviews regarding bad admin staff. I've also seen engineering students complaining about errors in the...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jul 16, 2014 2082 views

what career options would lead to working with NASA?

since childhood I always wanted to work at NASA and earn big bucks disregarding the job I I completed my 10 n am confused what to choose either IT , comp eng , electronics and telecom or electrical eng which will lead the way to my dream. I aslo want to know its difficulty levels...

Ayesha’s Avatar
Ayesha May 20, 2016 958 views

What future opportunities do I have if i chose a diploma in Electronics after class 10?

To know the best ans #electrical-engineering #electronics